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To provide access to the University of Kentucky, courses will be regularly made available throughout schools in the partnership network. Specific course offerings at each site will depend on enrollment demand. Further, multiple sections of a specific course will be made available depending on demand in consultation with each partner school.

Fall at University of Kentucky

Fall Courses

CIS 110: Composition & Communication I

EES 110: Endangered Planet: Introduction to Environmental Geology

EPE 110: Theories of College Student Success 

MA 109: College Algebra (MWF)

MUS 100: Introduction to Music

PHI 100: Introduction to Philosophy

PS 102: American Government

SPA 101: Elementary Spanish I

WRD 110: Composition & Communication I

WRD 111: Composition & Communication II

Spring at University of Kentucky

Spring Courses

CIS 111: Composition & Communication II

CLD 102: The Dynamics of Rural Social Life 

EPE 174: Theories of College Student Success

HIS 109: History of the United States Since 1877

KHP 230: Health & Human Wellness

MAT 123: Elementary Calculus and its Applications

PSY 100: Introduction to Psychology

SPA 102: Elementary Spanish II

STA 210: Making Sense of Uncertainty: An Introduction to Statistical Reasoning

WRD 110: Composition & Communication I

WRD 111: Composition & Communication II

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All Offered Courses

  • Align with one of the ten components of the UK Core
  • Are transferable to other institutions
  • Follow the guidelines set forth in the Kentucky Dual Credit Agreement